This scene makes me so sad because you can see Newt rubbing his arm, trying to comfort himself. Like, he’s doing his best to remain calm when he’s actually so upset and devastated inside. Two of his best friends might be dead, and all he can do is to rub his own arm.

#he’s rubbing his arm to comfort himself because that’s what alby would do #if alby was by newt’s side he would put his hand gently on newt’s arm and just rub it #because neither of them were good with talking about their emotions because they’re stubborn by nature #so alby would always just put his hand on newt’s arm to sooth him and comfort him #remind him that he’s there for him and make him feel more secure in the little way that he can #when they have to make tough decisions at gatherings or are having trouble somewhere in the glade alby will subtly touch newt’s arm #it starts being a comfort to them both #newt rubs his own arm to remind himself alby would agree they wouldn’t want to lose anyone else #newt rubs his own arm to trick himself alby’s by his side so he doesn’t go running in after them #newt rubs his own arm to comfort himself from the pain of having to watch the guy he loves be locked away from him forever #he rubs his arm and rubs it some more but nothing changes the fact it hurts like hell and always will (via wickedisgood)


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thominho au where thomas is a major literature nerd and also writes his own poetry and has a HUGE crush on this boy Minho in his class (and Thomas sometimes stays behind to do 'homework' after school and watches Minho running in his track club because WOAH) and begins slipping love notes and little poems into Minho's locker

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"hey you’re cute
wanna do it?
that rhymes right??
shit man i’m not a poet.”


"hey are you hot
because you are
hot like the sun probably
…only i don’t wanna fuck the sun”

SPOILER: As for his (Newt’s) untimely demise, that’s something I knew for a very long time. I knew that someone had to be susceptible to the disease to show just how awful of a world it was. It had to be him. It was tough for me, I promise. But it means a lot that he became so real to readers that his death created such strong emotions.

James Dashner answering, “Why did you decide to kill such a well loved character (Newt)? 


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